Release - Diablo 2 Remake

2016-12-21 04:26:26 by bussdee

"The Curse of Tristram" is a modification made for "StarCraft 2" and 100% free. I joined this project some month ago to support egod (the creator) with my voice acting. Have a look at my profile to listen to my sample audio. If you search for a german voice actor (english too) feel free to contact me. If you like to see all my other online releases, just google 4 BUSSDEE !

Merry XMAS :)


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2016-12-21 04:33:59

official Link to the MOD:


2016-12-21 07:10:21

awesome!! i love diablo :D

bussdee responds:

THX, me too! Thats why i decided to help egod with this MOD.
Let me know if there are other projects that need my voice.