Kids TV is searching for help

2017-02-01 18:30:43 by bussdee


We are creating a new tv channel for kids that will have 2D & 3D animated shortmovies every month/week. I dont like most of the modern cartoons, so we will try to combine the modern optics with oldschool storytelling. If you are a voice actor (german / english), character or background designer  ... or if you like to create stories for young kids and like to see them animated by us ...

... please let us know, by sending an email with the title "KIDS TV" to:

New Downloads: Tracks by Goap Z

2017-02-01 18:08:02 by bussdee

Daniel Brunner from Austria (aka "Goap Z") allowed me to make his songs available for download on this website. Feel free to add them to your projects, but please dont forget to name the creator or link to one of our websites.

Release - Diablo 2 Remake

2016-12-21 04:26:26 by bussdee

"The Curse of Tristram" is a modification made for "StarCraft 2" and 100% free. I joined this project some month ago to support egod (the creator) with my voice acting. Have a look at my profile to listen to my sample audio. If you search for a german voice actor (english too) feel free to contact me. If you like to see all my other online releases, just google 4 BUSSDEE !

Merry XMAS :)

Back in business !!!

2016-09-18 18:59:00 by bussdee

BussDee is back and presenting the new Network.
In the early 2015 i decided to create a company and did a lot of work. I will try to add as much as i can do here now to make it available for professional projects. Contact me if you need anything:

CASTING: Album is coming closer

2011-04-01 20:29:41 by bussdee

I am still searching for more singer & rapper for my OWN music!
Contact me if you like to be part of an official album release worldwide.

Let me entertain you !

2011-01-09 05:05:30 by bussdee

It`s time for all game & movie developers to tell me your needs !
I got a lot of freetime and i want to spend it just for you guys on newgrounds.

"Leave a comment!" with a needed word, complete sentence, or whatever you need just discribe it if it`s not a word ("scared whisper", "funny laughing", ...).

If you want to create a project with me, you will be welcome. Tell me your ideas and i will do my best to realize it, if i like it.

All my voice releases here will be available in english and german.

Let me entertain you !

My characters, voice, music, ... can be yours !

2011-01-04 13:42:00 by bussdee

You are working on a game or flash animated movie and badly need some music, sounds or male voices for your project without paying an actor or soundstudio?
That`s one of my parts i like to do in my freetime! I like to work as an actor and soundeditor for independent movies since many years now and i rent you my service for free. If you create your own game or movie and need a drawn character or male voice, contact me and let me do the job.

I am looking for animators to create an animated series of a new cartoon.

... contact me if you like. (german native)

Toons by BussDee goes Newgrounds

2011-01-04 11:44:12 by bussdee

It`s already known in germany, now let`s see if we will find friends worldwide !
If you like my cartoons hosted on but never understand them because you dont speak german very well, then it`s time for you to support me at newgrounds !

I am totally new here and know nothing!
I will release some stuff here to hope i dont need to know anything (got a lot of other things to do and freetime is very small). If you like to contact me to give me hints or told me some other funny stories ... just do it, i wont bite that hard!

Toons by BussDee goes Newgrounds